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May the New Year 2022 bring us more happiness, success, love and blessings! ???? 

Dear Parents, Kami ada program Money Academy untuk anak usia 12-17 tahun, Tanggal 8-9 Januari:

Do you find your child is getting money too easy - it makes them less appreciate the *value of money*.

Children nowadays tend to be consumptive *cannot differentiate between need & wants.

* The privileges you provide them might jeopardize their future

How Your Teenage Kid can learn to *spend Wisely, Set Smart Money-Saving Goals and Invest their Pocket Money* while maintaining good grades

*Module 1: Fixed VS Growth Money Mindset*

Understand how to millionaire mindset of spender, Spending Priority, Theory of Saving & Basic Investing Theory

*Module 2: Securing Saving to GAIN* What is Atomic Habit, Saving, Perseverance & How much are my net worth

*Module 3: Financial Goal Path* Learn to planning for my saving, My Star Poster & Goal Setting (USF)

*Module 4: Spending to SAVE* Know How to Dream Big Start Small, Hard Work = Rich, Makes money work & Setting believe

 It's time to take Action, Parents!

*Educate* Your children on the *Do's & Don'ts* on *Managing Their Own Finances & Cultivate good habit of Saving & Spending*

Join Us on *Money Academy for Teens* designed for Teenagers Age 12-17 Years Old on the *2 Days Interactive Webinar Workshop* with *Axel Efraim* - Certified Financial Planner, *A. Ricky Suroso*

Lead Trainer of JMAkademi Indonesia,

*Nouval Ahmad* - Senior Trainer of JMAkademi Indonesia

 *Investment Fee for Money Academy*

???? *8 - 9 January 2022*

9.00 - 15.30 WIB (4 Online Sessions | 2.5 Hours per Session | 2 Days)

~Normal Price: 2 Jt~ *Early Bird Price: 1,6 Jt*

*APPLY NOW* ???? For a chance to get Early Bird Price


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